5 Reasons People Get Extended Auto Warranty

Buying a car for yourself is always a significant investment. We shun out our life savings and invest in buying them. They usually involve a substantial amount of investment, and we need to be extra careful when it comes to their maintenance.

Most of us strive to keep our cars protected at all times. If you are a car savvy person, you will understand the pain if the engine breaks down or your car crashes. In most of these scenarios, one needs to spend tons of money to get the damages fixed.

Most of the time, when you purchase a car, you are rewarded with a warranty from the dealer. They will assist you in protecting the vehicle for a limited period and have you covered for any damage.

What Is Auto Warranty?

When you purchase a new car, you are given a warranty by the manufacturers. It is like a written agreement that states that the car manufacturer would take care of the expenses in damages or an accident.

Auto warranties provide protection for a limited time that ranges from 2-3 years. So during this period, the dealer will take care of all the costs connected to the maintenance of your vehicle.

Most of us plan to use our vehicles for a more extended time since it is a one-time investment. However, these auto warranties are a limited feature and expire once that mentioned period is over. This is where your extended auto warranty will come to your car’s rescue.

What Is Extended Auto Warranty?

Also known as a vehicle service contract, they serve as an added assistance to people who want to own the car for a more extended period. Since we are aware that a manufacturer’s car warranty is available only for a limited time, one can always opt for an extension.

The extended auto warranty will keep you at peace at all times. Whether you own a regular or a luxury car, you can always rely on these warranties for any unforeseen incidents. It helps cut down on your financial expenses and the stress you may go through for your auto repair.

What Does Extended Warranty Cover?

Extended auto warranties may cover significant damages and repairs, similar to the standard car warranty. Most of the time, any electrical repairs and replacements are also covered in this particular warranty. You also do not have to worry about the labor charges since the extended auto warranty covers you.

Although it has its pros, extended warranties may not provide the same coverage as the standard. They may not cover routine car maintenance, oil changes, paint issues, any wear and tear, and so on.

Reasons Why People Get Extended Auto Warranty

Here are few valid reasons which will make it clear why an extended auto warranty is needed:

Cost Effective

Most of the car repairs end up in you being charged with a fat bill to pay. This also includes service appointments, which can be pretty exhausting. Depending on how severe the repairs are, the cost will vary accordingly. With an extended warranty, you do not have to scratch your head a lot.

The cost of one major car repair can be more than the amount you spend on the warranty. Hence, it is a more brilliant option to pay a premium on your warranty and get your car covered for a longer duration.

Resale Value

If you are planning to sell your car with an extended warranty, the buyer will be more interested in buying it. A vehicle with no warranty has lower resale value in today’s market. Extending the warranty will provide an added security for your car and make it an attractive prospect for buyers.

Perks And Benefits

Extended warranties can be personalized as per your requirements. It assists you with any technological or electrical repairs. Few extended auto warranties also provide for rental car services. Most of them also cater to a 24/7 roadside car service. This extra coverage is not included in the standard warranty.


An extended warranty would act as your backup option during unprecedented situations. It will assure you that your car is covered during any damage or a crash. It will make all your maintenance procedures hassle-free and seamless in the future.

Purchase Avenues

You can always avail your extended auto warranty from a company of your choice. Try comparing the policies and perks which each dealer provides. Choose the best out of the lot which will cover your car for a longer duration.


Investing in an extended auto warranty is always a sound decision. With its long-term benefits and maintenance, you can always be at ease with your car’s security. With its significance in today’s world, get yourself an extended warranty to secure your car’s future.